Suyash Kumar


Reason for Living: Help shape humanity’s progress in technology.

I have always loved video games and board games. Playing video games was fun, but it eventually got boring, and I wanted to scale up to a bigger game. Through board games I realised the importance of building your resources, your war chest, in the first half of the game, and then start exploiting in the second half of the game. That is how you win.

At Google India Toastmasters, which I helped start and run, we conducted elections. There were so many candidates who wanted to be President, and only one of them succeeded. It is way too difficult and stochastic to become the leader of something established, a lot of qualified, hardworking people want it and are vying for it. In contrast, it was so easy for me to start the club from scratch, self appoint myself as the President, and lead the club to success.

Take Google and Sundar for example. After 10-15 years of Google, someone else finally got the chance of becoming CEO, and there were so many people who would have also been good for it. It is just too difficult to lead because there would always be someone else who will be holding the ball.

Conclusions -

  1. Games are fun. I want to progressively play bigger games.
  2. You build your war chest in the first half, and exploit in the second half.
  3. It is easier to start something from scratch and lead it, than join something established and try to get to the top.

I want to keep on scaling up the level of the game.

I think the biggest game possible is to shape humanity’s progress. I want to do it through technology. I first want to do it through AI.

My goal is to lead an AI research company, the likes of Deepmind. The way I will do this is to start my career as an AI researcher. Eventually become an employee at one of these companies. Really understand the field, get good at research, and understand what direction I want to take this field into, while building my war chest, which is savings that will leave me with the mental peace to pursue this, and connections and network who will one day help me achieve this.

Along the way, I want to meet and earmark 10 high value high potential people from a variety of fields like AI, engineering, research, management, VC, HR, therapist on retainer, and emotionally supportive, fun and adventurous life partner. When the time comes I will poach them from wherever they are and align them towards this goal.

We will create this company, get success, earn money, which will fuel developments in other fields down the line like Quantum Computing, Neuroscience and Sustainability and Outer Space Exploitation.

This is the manifesto.

There are the following two possibilities -

  1. I achieved this. Yay.
  2. I die trying, and I wouldn’t be alive to know I didn’t achieve this. No worries.

In neither will there be any regret, and I would have lived my life to the fullest, in the exact way I wanted to.

Reason for Website: Leave behind a life.

Initially when I made the website, I had no idea why or what it will be.
Today I have given more thought into it, and I know what it will be.

  • Planets Analogy
    • We are the suns of our own solar system, and all the aspects of ourselves are planets that revolve around ourselves.
    • Every planet that we care about should be a separate, isolated planet, and we must care for each planet, and not let the entire solar system go down, merely because things aren’t going well in one or two planets. This builds resilience.
    • Continuing with the planet analogy, this website would represent different aspects of me - the speaker side, the optimizer side, the thinker side, the hobbyist side, the adventurous side. I want to show all expects of myself.
  • Self Expression
    • For the longest time, I believed that my life wasn’t important enough to be documented.
    • As a consequence of this, I didn’t bother so much with taking photos, writing entries, putting it out in the world, and in general creating or producing things in the wild.
    • I value my life a lot more now, and want to produce a lot more, but I think a singular platform like X or Instagram is too restrictive.
    • I want this website as my space of pure freedom of speech and expression, because I matter, and my style is unique.
  • Networking
    • This is my brand, the website that helps people understand who I am.
    • It is a one-stop look into who I am and how I think. It helps develop a quick initial impressions of me and whether it would be interesting to talk to me.
    • It should get interesting people to reach out to me.
    • It should also filter out people with less of a mutual fit.
  • Edification
    • I want to evolve a philosophy.
    • Ultimately I believe that everyone is optimizing for something.
    • Every action that I take is a step towards optimizing for freedom and seeking the most fun game possible.
    • With that philosophy in mind I want to maintain this website, as a record of my path to complete freedom.
    • This wesbite is a memorabilia for how such a life could materialize.


Aug 24, 2023 Joined Mark Riedl’s Entertainment Intelligence lab as a researcher working on the intersection of Natural Language Processing and Reinforcement Learning to implement independent thinking agents.
Aug 21, 2022 Converted to Georgia Tech’s MSCS program to pursue AI research.
Aug 21, 2022 Started Georgia Tech’s Online Masters program.
Jun 1, 2022 Founded the Google India Toastmasters Club and oversaw club activities as the president.
May 30, 2022 Joined Google (big-tech company) as a software engineer III to develop the next generation analytics database for Google Ads.
Jun 22, 2021 Joined Zendrive (startup) as a senior software engineer to lead the backend team for the White Label Apps division.
Aug 26, 2018 Joined Directi (mid-sized company) as a software engineer to develop Automated Audience based ad-targeting.
Jul 30, 2018 Graduated from BITS Pilani with a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science.